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Why call Git Rid Of It?

Git Rid of It of Falls Church, Virginia is a fast growing junk removal company servicing all of Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Montgomery County, Maryland and Prince Georges County, MD. We all have things we need removed from our property. Whether it be an ancient icebox that has been collecting dust in the basement, or a hot tub that hasn’t been hot in years. Often we don’t want to touch these rusted lawn mowers, or can’t lift the washer, dryer or refrigerator. Or we simply don’t have a large enough vehicle to remove it.

It’s more often a simple matter of not having the time to pull down the old swing set. Next weekend, we tell ourselves. This is where Git Rid of It comes in.

We are junk removal specialists. We operate seven days per week from six in the morning until seven in the evening. We remove junk all day every day. We have the trucks, the crew, the experience, and the know how to complete your junk removal requirement. We can remove: furniture, sheds, hot tubs, fences, construction debris, couches, yard debris, carpet, basement clutter, scrap metal, attic clutter, old boxy television sets, tree debris, porches, Donations, Trash, Appliances of all kinds, office clutter, leftover junk from foreclosures, and much more.

In addition, we remove storage rooms, pianos, play sets and swing sets, riding lawn mowers and anything else you need, want, are too tired, or just don’t want to touch.

Junk removal, recycling, and donation

We can get rid of it for you, hence the name. Clean out the space, and make room for new projects. After all, it is JUNK. Often worth nothing, sitting under the deck for 15 years doesn’t make it an antique. We will examine each piece as it is removed.

We donate (if requested) reusable items to local shelters and thrift stores. In addition, we carefully separate and select recyclable materials due to our green initiative. By recycling, we reduce the amount of material going into our local landfills and help the environment in the process.

The Washington DC metro area is a highly transitional area due to government employees and military personnel. People move in and out of our region more often than most cities around this country. What comes with a lot of moving?

Well, if you’re like most, and not hoarding, then you want to downsize some items.

Contractor Services

We offer construction and debris removal services 7 days per week.

Instead of renting a dumpster and having your crew load it, save money by using us instead. We charge less than a dumpster on average, and provide the labor to load it, all included in the price.

Save time by having our crew load the items and dispose of them, and save money with our lower prices. We serve several companies in the Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland areas on a weekly basis.

We’re actively searching for new partners to provide regular construction clean up and debris removal on a regular basis. We’re available with short notice, every day of the week.

Bulk trash removal for apartments
Bulk Trash Removal for Apartments & Condos

Dumpsters and trash bins are frequently overloaded at apartment and condominium complexes. People move out and throw old and broken furniture into the enclosures. Often times, trash companies will not load those items into their trucks.

That’s where we come in. We currently provide regular bulk trash removal to several apartment buildings in the DC area, but we’re actively searching for more. We can come on an appointed day, each week or month, or with short notice whenever the need arises.

Whether you need construction junk removal or apartment bulk trash removal, give us a call for more information at 703-533-0094. Or fill out a free estimate form.

Give us a call today. Git Rid Of It is quickly becoming a number one choice amongst local contractors.

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