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Garage, Attic, and Basement Cleanout

Over time, things start accumulating around our home and we end up having cluttered rooms, filled with things we no longer need or use. Most of that junk is taking up space in our basements, garages, and attics. Instead of storing all the junk, you can rely on the services of a professional junk removal company to help you clean out these rooms so you can take full advantage of your storage spaces.

Git Rid of It is a high-quality, flat-rate junk removal company located in Falls Church, VA. We’ve been providing garage, attic, and basement cleanout services for over 12 years. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best cleanout solutions in the Washington DC Metro area. If you’re interested in knowing more about our garage, attic, and basement cleanout services, don’t hesitate to contact us today.


Garage Cleanout

Garages are commonly used as a catch-all spot for junk and clutter. Instead of having your garage filled with stuff you no longer use or need, call Git Rid of It for a thorough and efficient garage cleanout at incredible rates. If your garage is so filled with junk that you can no longer park there, count on our team of professionals to sort, haul and properly dispose of your junk.

Attic Cleanout

Attics are notorious for being filled with important family memories. However, as time passes, junk also starts cluttering in our attics. When you call us, expect us to not only clear out all the junk from your attic but also haul it all away at a reasonable price. Expect always the highest level of professionalism with our company.

Basement Cleanout

Your basement has the potential to become a game room, another living room, or even a studio. However, for the majority of us, our basements are another area for extra storage and as a result, usually filled with junk. If you’re planning on transforming your basement the first step is to get a thorough basement cleanout.

We haul and dismantle a wide variety of items to ensure you’re in a clutter-free space. Call one of our representatives to schedule a pickup!

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